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“Rapid response” networks denounce due process violations by ICE in Northern California

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

“Rapid response” networks denounce due process violations by ICE in Northern California

As members of rapid response networks, we are deeply disturbed by the deportation tactics that limit detainees’ access to legal representation and collectively undermine their due process rights.

We have documented the following incidents and are continuing to investigate:

  1. On Wednesday February 28, 2018 ICE refused to provide attorneys who visited 630 Sansome Street with information about specific people it had detained or general updates about the ongoing deportation actions.

  2. ICE transferred people to detention facilities outside Northern California, posing significant barriers to access by both attorneys and family members.

  3. ICE arrested and then rapidly deported several people, in some cases within hours, leaving inadequate time for response by families or attorneys. One man was arrested on Wednesday morning February 28th in Napa, and was on his way out of the country by 5 pm that afternoon.

  4. ICE pressured detainees into waiving their rights and signing deportation documents without allowing them to consult with pro bono attorneys who were available. A man arrested in Merced county was told he would not be able to talk to his family unless he agreed to sign a voluntary departure notice.

  5. ICE used its Northern California headquarters at 630 Sansome Street as a processing center on Sunday, February 25th despite that it was not open to the public and attorneys were denied requests to access detainees.

These alarming tactics escalate ICE’s use of psychological intimidation. This already deeply troubled agency is further limiting transparency, opening the door to abuses, pressuring people into waiving their constitutional rights, and undermining due process.The purpose of our local networks is to provide legal support to anyone in our communities who ICE detains. When the federal government denies vital information and access to legal representatives, that threatens civil liberties for all people.Community groups across the state have raised their voices to demand a halt to ICE’s abuses of power. We further call on ICE to provide complete information about those arrested in our communities, return all detainees to local jurisdictions to ensure legal access and family support, and to uphold every person’s due process rights.

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