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Immigrant detention has always been a threat to public health and the COVID-19 pandemic has made it evident. 


CCIJ in partnership with Immigrant Defense Advocates and other local partners have launched a series of campaigns that highlight the gross negligence and failure of accountability related to COVID-19 in immigrant detention facilities in California and the broader threat this poses to public health and safety.


Vaccine Education &
Empowerment in Detention (VEED) 

A program that connects detained individuals with culturally and linguistically competent information on the COVID-19 vaccine, and advocates on state and local levels for improved access to covid vaccines and boosters in immigrant detention. 


AB 263 clarifies that private immigrant detention facilities in California must comply with all state and local public health orders, and workplace health and safety (OSHA) regulations.



AB 3228 provides accountability for health and safety in all private detention facilities in the state of California, by regulating the conduct of private detention operators.

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Letter from Detained Migrants about a Covid-19 Outbreak at Golden State Annex

Thirty people detained at the Golden State Annex immigrant detention center in California’s Central Valley have signed a letter condemning Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and private prison company GEO Group for exposing individuals in the facility to Covid-19.

Public Health Advocacy Letters

Letters sent to local state and federal officials to protect the health and safety of immigrants in detention.

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