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Soccer has the power to unite people regardless of the language they speak, how old they are, and their past experiences. In immigrant detention it becomes an outlet to feel happiness and liberation in an environment where doubt, sadness and frustration are the norm. With this in mind we have decided to launch our first ever soccer tournament in honor of those who survived immigrant detention and who are still suffering from ICE incarceration.

We’d love for you to join CCIJ staff, directly impacted individuals, and other community members during this family friendly event! Please see details below:

Date: April 30, 2023 
Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Place: Oakland Roots training facility- 1220 Harbor Bay Parkway Alameda, CA 94502

This is a gender inclusive tournament, ages 18 and up. Games will be 5 versus 5. Each team should have a minimum of 8 players and maximum 12 players.  Each team is guaranteed to play 3 games.


  • How competitive is the soccer tournament going to be? Our primary goals are to build community and to have a good time, not to find the next Messi! Whether you play soccer every week or haven't for years, you're more than welcome to participate!

  • I want to participate, but I don't have a team... Can you help me find teammates? Absolutely! Email us at and we'll help you find a team.  

  • Are there ways to support the tournament that don't entail playing? Yes! Below are some other ways you can support:

    • Be a volunteer referee! We'll provide you with a training.

    • Sponsor a previously detained community member by donating to the form below. 

    • Cheer teams on during the tournament.

    • Help us spread the word! 


Please contact us at or 415-684-5463 if you have other questions! 

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