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The Fight to End Immigration Detention Continues

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Now is not the time for complacency.

The results of this historic election have shown the power of communities coming together to organize and fight for a more just and inclusive nation. We cannot forget that the path to justice for those in immigrant detention lies in building power in our communities. Together, we can envision and create a world without ICE, where policies and laws center on inclusion and empathy rather than division and profit.   

At CCIJ, we are grateful to the Black, Indigenous and POC organizers who have ensured we will no longer have an openly fascist, white supremacist president. Yet, we know that white supremacy did not begin and will not end with the Trump administration. The issues of migration and displacement are also global challenges that will not change overnight, but require tireless advocacy and dedication. 

While we are hopeful that a Biden administration will bring new opportunities for discourse, we will continue to hold our nation’s government accountable as we fight for a world without detention. We remain committed to working alongside partner organizations and advocates to support our community members organizing from within immigration detention centers, and use laws like AB 3228 to ensure private corporations are held accountable for the human rights abuses they perpetuate in detention. 

As we fight to dismantle the detention system, we will continue to support and empower those it impacts, because true justice can only be achieved when those impacted by systems of oppression are centered in this fight.   

At CCIJ, we remain steadfast in our commitment  to end immigration detention, but acknowledge that there is still a long road ahead. Until then, we’ll continue to fight for our values and our communities.

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